Sumitomo will have technical seminar on Sviaz 2016


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

At the Svyaz 2016 show, Sumitomo Electric will have traditional seminar dedicated to optical fibers, fusion splicers and optical devices.
We will invite Mr. Nikolaev, General Director of “Optic fiber Systems” JSC as guest speaker about the first fibre drawing factory in Russia.

The  program of the  seminar.

1. Sumitomo Electric splicer for optical fibers
2. Sumitomo Electric optical devices
3. Sumitomo Electric optical fibres
4. The first fibre drawing factory in Russia “Optic fiber Systems” JSC
5. Reception

Place and time

11 May 2016
Hall no. 5 in the 2nd floor of pavilion 2
Please advise your participation by email :